Driven. Forward thinking. Results orientated.

I am a young creative Marketer living in London with extensive digital marketing, customer journey and strategy implementation. I have an eye for design, understanding of potential needs and content creation skills.

Art Direction

I established a strong interest in art direction when I was building marketing and branding reports at University. Jumping straight into Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut Pro and SketchUp allowed me to translate my ideas seamlessly. Visually appealing designs, subtle details and innovative concepts across brand touch points became my daily companion.

My dedication towards aesthetic designs, user interfaces and engaging marketing strategies evolved. I developed a customer-centric mindset which helped me build cohesive business development plans that solved problems.


My Understanding

Creative flow can be hard to establish. I developed a framework that outlined my process of building marketing strategies:

      1. Brief
      2. Internal, external and consumer research
      3. Strategy summary
      4. Create
      5. Critical thinking
      6. Develop and finalise
      7. WOW the reader

My aim is to please and exceed the expectations of stakeholders with innovative concepts fuelled by a young mindset.

















UI & Interactions
UNI-GO landing page
Customers will be able to connect to the in-store wifi to download the app.

QR scan page


Each product will have a unique QR code. The code will be linked to the product RFID tag.

Product identification


After scanning the code, details of the product will be shown.

Virtual basket


Customers they can simply add items to their virtual basket.



Once customers check out, they’ll have an option to pay through Apple/Android pay or traditional online payment.

Retail equipment

For products on hangers, customers will be able to dispose the equipment next to tills and bags will also be available. 


Business Development Plan


A strategic development plan focusing on the relaunch of American Apparel back into the UK market. The plan merges future trends and consumer needs together to form American Apparel Studios - a diversification strategy that offers UK customers a permanent events space while complimenting a new retail store. 





By partnering with influencers, American Apparel Studios aims to deliver everchanging experiences for customers to achieve self-actualisation. From Eric Landon hosting pottery workshops to model Adwoa Aboah holding a talk about female empowerment, American Apparel Studios aspires to connect influencers with audiences with a variety of interdisciplinary activities.

American Apparel Studios will attract, sell and WOW customers through new experiences. The strategy will convert customers into raving fans who create and spread stories about their experiences with American Apparel. This strategy will also be supported by a seamless mobile app and AI implementations that will create a truly personalised experience for customers.

Marketing Communications with You Do You Campaign

'You Do You' is a campaign to be released to support the UK launch of American Apparel Studios and retail space. Tapping into energy and humour, the campaign showcases micro-influencers and a bold design to generate high impact visuals to be used in a range of Above the Line, Through the Line and Below the Line marketing activities across the UK. The campaign will be precisely localised in the fashion and diverse hub AKA London. 


Driving Emotions


In response to the millennials trend of 'Slanguage,' the campaign will reiterate the phrase 'You Do You.' This will inject humour and emotion into American Apparel's identity, forming a memorable campaign millennials can associate with. The campaign will give the company a second life, cementing its brand identity in the mind of consumers, ultimately reviving the brand back into the UK market.

A London Takeover


'You Do You' will feature micro-influencers, bringing their unique attitude to create a bold statement for takeovers across London. Billboards, bus stops, buses, posters and digital panels will be key materials used to support the takeover.



The campaign will have a significant impact across the target audience, with high reach across social media channels resulting to increase in organic search and traffic to the website. ​

Full Business Development Plan Available


Business Development Plan


A development plan focusing on Uniqlo's next step to innovation. The plan addresses consumer priorities and future technological developments to fuel long term growth and meet Uniqlo's corporate objective:

"To become the number one clothing retailer in the world."


The development plan aims to provide a solution to customer problems.

Problems: Research identified customer pain points in store consisted of long queue time, slow 

                  response of staff, no self-service and crowded floors.
Change:    Changes need to be implemented to change Uniqlo's speed of service, customers

                  convenience, self-service option and reduction of queue time.
Action:      Launch of UNI-GO! An app that allows customers to shop in store, scan, pay and go.

Bringing innovation to the retail space by introducing the future of payments.

What is UNI-GO?

Millennials seek for services that add value to their lives with priorities being frictionless experiences, tailored services and self-service processes.

UNI-GO! is a customer centric-concept that will increase commercial acclaim and credibility with stakeholders. No checkout with sales representatives is required. Customers will be able to download UNI-GO! and guide their own shopping experience at their convenience. It consists of 3 steps:

1. SCAN - Use phone to scan product QR code on tag
2. PAY - Pay via mobile
3. GO - Simple go

This will solve customer pain points  of long queues, crowded stores and slow response from staff.

Customer Journey
Floor Plan

Retail equipment 

Located next to the tills, customers will be able to dispose hangers and pick up bags.


Customers will be guided throughout the app while in-store.

Marketing Strategy

A combination of ATL, TTL and BTL marketing tactics will form an integrated communications approach. Advertising UNI-GO! to both mass and focused markets simultaneously will help create awareness and interest - an important element for a service development strategy.

Creating Awareness

To generate recognition, digital displays will be located in high footfall areas in stores and outdoors. The aim is to promote the steps of scan, pay, go and fundamentally encourage customers to act in response to the above the line marketing strategy.

Locating displays in buffer zones will manipulate the customer decision-making process in store as the displays intentions are to offer customers a better solution to their shopping experience. 

Home Page
Landing Page

UNI-GO will enhance customer loyalty and form advocate marketing. The concept will transform ‘customers’ into ‘raving fans’ who create stories and spread word of mouth. This is a credible source and as a result generate user generated content. Raving fans will introduce UNI-GO to potential customers converting them to brand ambassadors.
Full Business Development Plan Available

Integrated Communications

Presentation Speech


A presentation speech analysing how useful integrated marketing communications are with support from Uniqlo as an example.

The speech fundamentally explores Uniqlo's current marketing strategy compared against business models to suggest how effective methods are. The presentation also examines the limitations and appropriate recommendations Uniqlo can consider to maintain a consistent brand image at a global level.

00:13 Introduction

00:35 Uniqlo's Strategy

01:40 Diversification

02:37 Integrating Brand Touchpoints

03:28 International Growth

04:23 Limitations

05:00 Recommendations



Vivian Tran

I am available for freelance projects and full-time employment.

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