So one day I was sitting at a cafe whilst sipping on the usual caramel macchiato. Like always, taking the seat right at the back of the cafe. Watching the busy environment which surrounded me made me ponder... Where do I belong? Where do I belong in 10 years time? The simple question that takes you out of your comfort zone. It's OK to question yourself, although questioning far too much brings a slap to your face.

Don't waste time. Your future is created by what you do today not tomorrow.

I'm Vivian Tran and I was born in Wigan. I moved to London during 2014 since I was given the opportunity to study Fashion Marketing at London College of Fashion. I started this blog in May 2012 since I felt the urge to publicise my thoughts about the fashion industry. Till now I have still maintained this momentum but I have now adapted a more personal approach since I like to document my personal work, style, travel and aspirations. 

During my years at College, I became an online boutique owner which consisted of trading bespoke handmade bracelets globally. Of course, balancing college life and managing a boutique was difficult but it was a huge learning curve that taught me the true realties of working life! 

 I like to aim for success but most importantly progress. I come from a competitive family background so working hard has always become natural to me, in which I am truly grateful for! During my years at University I hope to achieve my desired goals and progress my way through to the fashion industry. 


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