Monday, 18 May 2015

Details Up Close

Hello everyone!
I have to admit, I have never been the type of person to splurge on accessories, specifically with necklaces and bracelets. However recently, I've been on this roller coaster craze of layering and stacking my jewellery. In the past I've always adapted to the minimalistic and simple appearance... You probably all know why.. 'Less is More' that kind of thing. It is true since over using accessories can make outfits look too much in your face, but it is all dependant on what you choose! I always follow the rule of...

1# Simple outfit : Big accessories
2# Big outfit : Simple accessories or even none

..and that is my little tip for you guys. Also, I am going to post more this week so please keep updated! Yes, yes.. I've been busy with University so my apologies (I feel like I'm always apologising for the lack of posts due to Uni).


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