Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Second vlog uploaded!

Hey everyone!
I just want to update you all on my second vlog. I went on a one man journey back to my home town, Wigan, to visit my friends and my family. Seeing everyone again made me realise how much I missed my fellow northerners! Despite how much I love London, I will always consider Wigan my home. I would love to know your thoughts, so comment down below and remember to subscribe!

Vivian x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Greenery Overload at Kew

Hello readers! On Wednesday I visited Kew gardens with my boyfriend, and apparently it was the hottest day of the year SO FAR - how coincidental! Honestly, before I arrived at Kew gardens I underestimated how huge the area was until I stepped foot into the botanical garden. I was super hyped to visit the palm house and of course the peacock that inhabits around the beautiful majestic place. For all of you who has never visited Kew gardens and would like to, you would not regret it! Just go on a sunny day (of course) and drink plenty of water. I found it quite funny how my boyfriend's dad phoned us to tell us to drink lots of water to keep hydrated... Howeverrrrrrr, since Kew Gardens was quite close to the airport, there were disturbance from the planes but I really thought they added to the atmosphere. I saw at least 30 planes during my time at the garden, and it was interesting to see which country was landing in the UK. 

When I made touchdown to the Japanese Gateway, I was in awe. I was truly inspired by the environment. THAT inspired, today I made my way to Columbia Flower Market and bought a bamboo tree, just like that, carrying it home was a journey. For all of you readers who has me on Snapchat, I'm pretty much sure you can agree it looked hectic (Snapchat - vivtran). Me and my boyfriend are currently on this ongoing project to create a Zen inspired garden, which is coming together very well. I guess visiting Kew Gardens just pushed us a little further to get things done. 

Also, I got chased by a lizard at the Conservatory which was hilarious. 

Key places to visit - from my perspective -
  1. Japanese Gateway
  2. Palm House
  3. Xstrata TreeTop Gateway
  4. Princess of Wales Conservatory
  5. Bamboo Garden

Thank you for reading and sorry for the lack of posts. I'm having so much fun during my Easter Break! 

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