Saturday, 21 March 2015

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Bonjour to my lovely readers!
First of all, apologies to the lack of posts recently (sorry sorry sorry). You know what time of the year it is, well if you're a Univerity student... DEADLINES. The word we all hate to hear. I have recently submitted my Fashion Branding report and my essay is due in on Monday. I can not wait until it's all over and I can start spending more precious time with my romantic, loving double bed. 

However back onto the subject of this post, last week me and Jamie went to Hoxton to have our Pho fix (My fellow snapchatters, my Pho looked BOSS right?? Snapchat - vivtran). Afterwards we headed out to central London to check out the H&M studio collection which was pretty glorious, and of course we went to &otherstories because.. we just had to... no reason!

I had no intention of purchasing a few products but I did anyways, so I treated myself to the Moroccan Tea hand cream which smells pretty amazing. Heaven in a tube. It's so handy and convenient to pop it in my everyday casual bag. An essential everybody needs. Also, I purchased the Arabesque Wood Body Lotion, right now it's on the side of my bed because I always need to moisturise my skin before I go to bed. Having dry skin is a nightmare and this lotion keeps my body moisturised throughout the night so I wake up to gleaming healthy skin! Plus, to me it smells like  fresh air at beaches. 

I will be posting more from now on and hopefully another YouTube video will be on my Channel soon! I'm excited.

Have a great day!
V (As Jamie calls me)




  1. Omg! Im soooo jealous! I don't live near a & Other Stories store so when I'm in London i usually go crazy! This is probably a bit late but good luck on your Fashion Branding Report and essay!

    1. I use the body lotion everyday since it smells so heavenly. You should get a tun next time! Sadly it is a bit too late, I receive my results in a few days time haha! But, thank you so much dear, I appreciate it!!


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