Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pure London Trade Show

Hey, hey! So today I attended Pure London with Nicolette and Giulia, the UK's leading fashion trade show. It was the first day of the event (which lasts 3 days) and it was a very upbeat atmosphere, an environment filled with young professionals and upcoming companies. It was intriguing observing worldwide companies at one place, in which some came from China, Spain, Korea etc... Definitely an event every fashion student should attend! The fashion show which was presented was interesting to watch also, a glimpse into the trends of 2015.

Vivian :)


  1. I'm sooo jealous, I wish I was there! I love your outfit by the way! Where did you get your bag from?


    1. Oh April, you need to go to experience the upbeat atmosphere. Sadly, it was a trading show and I couldn't purchase anything.. I wanted to buy so much stuff!! I got my bag from a car boot sale for 50p! Haha

    2. 50p!!!! Omg! Such a bargain! I know, I really need to go to these events! I'm thinking of going to London fashion weekend this year. x

    3. Oh you should purchase your tickets soon, they sell out really quick! I'm also thinking of going but I don't think I have the time x


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