Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Professional Beauty Event

Hey everyone! I haven't posted recently since I've been busy with University, so please accept my apology!! Ok, so the previous Sunday I made my way to the Professional Beauty Event for the first time and my experience was so LIVE. The venue was humungous and with so many people there I felt lost and vulnerable? The kind of 'lost' when you lose your mum in the supermarket. Besides that, I had a great time browsing innovative products that's going to be released into the industry very soon , and also the products were super affordable. I'm asian so I got highly hyped up over everything. Anyways, I managed to grab a handful of products I would like to show you guys!

 1. Lip Voltage by Dreamweave. I have read several reviews about this product and when I saw it on display I was so eager to purchase it, so I did without hesitation. I got home and I tried it straight away (I was optimistic to achieving the famous Kylie Jenner lips) but I was quite shocked. The sales assistant told me there will be a tingling sensation when you first apply it. However, it felt like my lips where on fire since the pain was real. I did see results quick since my lips were 'kind of' bigger and brighter. The Lip Voltage definitely locked up the moisture in my lips which was a bonus. If you guys would like to see before and after pictures, comment below and I will post a full review :)

 2. Moodstruck Mascara by Younique. I have wispy asian eyelashes so this was a must when I saw this on display also. Not amazing results when your eyelashes are very thin since it looks like you're building up on a few strands of lashes, therefore for great results it works best on thick eyelashes. I saw so many positive reviews about this product and I am one of them too! 

 3. Hot brush eyelash curler by Eyecurl. I'm the type of person who would splurge on innovative technology, so I had to get this. The results are great, but the lashes stay curled for a short period of time. 

 4. Photo-loving Primer, Lip Pencil, Eyebrow palette by NYX 

 5. Eye kohl, lipstick and gel nail polish by Mesauda

6. Nail polish, Shade Shifter nail polish by ORLY

7. Eye Kohl and Blusher by Peggy Sage

8. Art Deco by L.A colours

 9. Milky Sugar Peeling by Organique (I am super excited to try this out!)

10. Photo Fix Lip Colour by DMGM (Highly recommend! Matte finish, locks in moisture on your lips)

 On the same day, I also went out to Westfield and I saw this adorable shelf shaped as a cat for under £10. I could not resist.

STOP. If you ever see one of these whitening teeth treatments don't be persuaded into trying it out. It does not work. I did this during Happy Hour so it was buy one get one free (£45 each) and it was a waste of time and money.  

Let me know if you would like to see more hauls and in-depth reviews. Thank you for reading!


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