Thursday, 15 January 2015

University essentials.

Hello everyone!

Now that University has started, I now need to get back into the routine of packing my bag, with the daily essentials I need to aid me throughout the day! I used to be one of those students who would pack a full colour set of felt tips (...I still am.. kind of) in my pencil case since I thought using colour helped me to learn. Now I'm adapting to the use of the most helpful tool in the world.. the mighty Macbook air. I can transfer my documents with ease from my mac to my phone, so I literally bring everything with me everywhere, and also in class I can use the internet to browse clothes when I get bored. A few years ago you wouldn't see a lecture room with a single macbook air, but walk into any lecture now and you will be surprised how many students bring these gadgets in. Despite this, I always feel the need to carry a few notebooks in hand since you never know what you will overcome throughout the day. So, I haven't totally abandoned the traditional paper and pen technique, hence the photograph bombarded with Muji equipment. I've never really appreciated Muji pens until the day when I was at work behind the tills and a customer told me how much he loved my Muji pen since it wrote like silk. Now, I appreciate Muji more than my bed.

Black A4 Wallet by A.P.C, MacBook Air 13 by Apple, Portable charger by EasyAcc, Wallet by Supreme x CDG, Lipstick by Mac, White notebook by Goodhood, Black notebook by Muji, All stationary by Muji, Flask by H&M x Alexander Wang, Glasses by Gok Wan.


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