Thursday, 22 January 2015

That Cat Hat

Outfit for the day
Scarf (Zara), Hat (Zara), Coat (Topshop), Shoes (Zara), Bag (Car boot sale) 
Outside the electric cinema

NOTHING beats salted beef beigal

Hello everyone!

So the previous Monday that passed by, it was known as the gloomiest day of the year (according to my tutor). New Years and Christmas just flew by, and counting down to Christmas 2015 is a myth. The next special occasion? Seems like Valentines day, special for me but how about the singletons out there?

22nd January, I took a quick trip to Shoreditch (yes I know, I'm always there) to get some cheesecake from Beigal Bake. I remember the first time I took a bite of the magnificent, beautiful piece of art work and it melted in my mouth so smoothly. So yeah, today I went out on a two man mission JUST for cheesecake.

We also walked past the Electric Cinema and I still need to go there for a movie / date night! Romantic big sofas, cushions and duvet covers sounds perfect for Valentines day... maybe?

Vivian :)


  1. That salted beef beigal looks delicious! Must go to Beigal Bake one day to try out the food :P
    Lovely and interesting pictures :)

  2. That salted beef brogan looks soooo good!! And I love love your outfit! I really like your style too!! :) btw you have a great feed on Instagram! What camera do you use? (If you don't mind tell me)

    April (

    1. Hey April! Thank you so much, I love your style too it rocks! You need to try the salted beef beigal, it's so god damn good!
      Surprisingly, all my photographs are taken on my iPhone 6. I guess editing makes a big impact on the images haha!

    2. Thank you ;)! I live near London and I visit there every week but I have never tried the salted beed beigal before! Definitely on my list next time I visit! And your photos are amazing, I have a iPhone 6 too but its really hard to get a HD picture when the lighting is bad but yours are great, guess I need to work on my editing skills haha!

  3. Omg I bought those cat ear hats fr Zara on the boxing day sale! Got both the White and black one just for £5.99 each hehe

    1. The hat is so cute right?! One day I was wearing this on the bus and this old lady asked me 'Where did you get that cute hat from? I think it'll suit my grand daughter a lot!!'
      She made me feel like a kid haha!


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