Monday, 5 January 2015


Hello everyone!

So during last year, I spent several months focusing on an installation that revolved around the areas of perspective. Based on the images above, the installation doesn't seem too pleasing since this piece was interactive. I purposely built this in a way the audience can view the piece from several angles and gain a sense of being 'deluded,' hence the use of mirrors and the rearrangement of the puzzled photograph.
I also folded in the concept of Origami, or Kirigami to be more specific. If you observe my previous posts of Personal work, it is evident I have a strong interest in Origami since I find the art of paper folding so intriguing. Any design related to paper work can always end my mind in awe. For that reason I interpreted the idea of paper folding into the installation which enhanced the idea of perspective.

Vivian :)



  1. A very creative and unique and installation! ^^

    1. Hey Michelle! Thank you so much, you had to be there to witness the the 'real feel!'



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