Sunday, 11 January 2015

If in doubt, choose white.

Greetings everyone!

If I had 20 minutes to get ready, if in doubt I will always choose black on black to wear. It's the greatest combination known to earth since it strengthens the 'power' look. However, in terms of interior design, I've grown a ritual of choosing all white everything since the colour is minimalistic and very crisp. Despite waking up every morning and getting blinded, my all white room just makes me feel at home... a very Ikea inspired room. So it's safe to say when ever I visit Ikea I always feel warm within the environment.

SO, for the past several months (ever since I have moved to London) me and Chris have had the intention to finish our flat but it's been an ongoing project for both of us. We are slowly getting there. With plenty and plenty of trips to Ikea, traveling back home from central with huge Muji furniture on the tube, finishing the paint job with a small precise brush.. it's been a challenge. We're still looking to   create a feature wall and a small desk near to the window.

Guys, so now there will be more mirror selfies since I have previously purchased a LARGE mirror from Ikea. It's bigger than me so I'm super excited.



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  1. I loved the look of your old room and now I'm in love with your new place too.


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