Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Flower power!

Hello everyone! 

My usual routine when I wake up on Sunday - 
  1. Check emails
  2. Get ready to head out to the flower market
I fully appreciate the fact that I live close to Columbia road. I wouldn't say it's the cheapest market for flowers but it's a 'need to go' if you're looking for a variety! Last Sunday my mission was to find a bunch of Hydrangea all white since I was inspired to experiment with some food colouring. So I bought red food colouring, dissolved it in the water for the Hydrangea to absorb.. however it's day 2 and there is no change in colour. I probably did something wrong but I'm determined to try again. Yes, I'm one of those people who doesn't like to give up! 

Vivian :)



  1. Ah I need to visit a flower market! The closest I get is admiring the flowers in M&S LOL

    1. You need to go!! The orchids are super cheap and roses too. I think you would love it, it's JUST as better as M&S hahaha

  2. Hi there! I discovered your blog from twitter :) visiting a flower market sounds interesting, makes me want to go one day haha :P

    1. Hey Onyee! Thank you, I just checked out your blog and I love your photographs! Hmm, if you do go one day here's a little tip - before the market closes the sellers usually cut their prices just to sell their flowers off, meaning BARGAINS!!


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