Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Throwback Tuesday maybe?

Hello my dear friends!
So according to my timeline, the last time I posted was over a year ago. Yes, no time, long time. Let me explain... University and the reality of working life. To conclude in a few points - 
  1. I've been super packed with workload recently which was quite stressful 
  2. I've been working part time as a sales advisor in retail (FINALLY, no more takeaway life for little Chinese girl)
  3. I've been in love, sorry not sorry
  4. Social life in London is, of course...boss
For the past crazy 4 months or so I have met so many amazing human beings in my life. The mix between working in retail and attending University is the perfect cross for a social life. Because we all know, we need money for a good social life! 

So I decided to continue with my blog since I am going to have more time on my hands. I mean for the past few hours I've been in bed, watching Catfish... So yes, maybe it is the time to be more productive! 

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