Tuesday, 3 December 2013

London by night

London City a place full of aspirations. I would consider London as my second home since my boyfriend is situated here. I travel there from time to time, at least once a month. During my time there I take the opportunity to gather a range of photographs relating to Architecture, an area I am interested in. With Architecture, it's intriguing how different factors can impact on the idea of it existing. The other day when I was having a conversation, someone mentioned how finance of a country can effect the overall surroundings of Architecture. For example, visualise one of Santiago Calatrava's work in Africa... now New York. You could agree the architecture would not adapt to the environment in Africa due to the culture.
What I am trying to build across is how others don't understand the full concept of Architecture. You see commuters in London being drowned in the hustle and bustle. They are too busy to appreciate the environment they are surrounded in.
Take your time. Never rush.

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