Monday, 23 September 2013

Spine sculpture

Hey everyone.
Perspectives. This final piece is all about perspectives. What do you see?
Inspired by structural and natural formations amongst skeletons and fossils. I used wire and mesh to create the intricate details and that is basically it. I am no the type of person to go 'wild' with materials. Although it is good with exploration and further development, I tend to stick with one technique but go over the top with the limited materials provided.
I am also intrigued with the shadows casted...

Drawing installation

Hey everyone.
Inspired by Liverpool Docks, this drawing installation comes from the the composition of structure and most specifically illusions. It's been a while since I last blogged, but quick update I am currently doing an Art foundation course at Winstanley College. Our first project was based upon Liverpool Docks, a place that has history and views of worn out buildings... a not so friendly place as well! 
It took approximately 24hours to compose this design, which is made up of paper, cardboard, graphite powder, paint and fishing wire.
I think I pushed the idea of Architectural concepts for this drawing installation. After all, I am a girl who has a keen spot for structure and architect. 
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