Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fashion sculpture

This is my fashion sculptural piece based upon mechanisms within manmade concepts, also inspired by the works of Gareth Pugh. Somehow the piece reminds me of the treads on a tyre. Approximately it took me around two days to complete this. Hard labour of creating countless of origami units to form this modular sculpture. 


Long exposure experimentation

Working with long exposure is such a pain. A case of trial and error is needed. These photographs are actually for my photography brief that is set on my current course. I decided to explore London City because I was hugely influenced by the negative space set on my artist research. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

Reike Nen

It was only a week ago when I attended "The Secret Sample Sale" at The Old Truman Brewery. Unfortunately (but I didn't regret it) I splurged out on a pair of Reike Nen's. The original retail price was aprox £250 but I purchased the item for £51. With Reike Nen the designer truly focuses on the minimal detail that is created, a concept that I always stick by. The material that she maintains consists of the finest leather - pig, crocodile leather. 


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

London by night

London City a place full of aspirations. I would consider London as my second home since my boyfriend is situated here. I travel there from time to time, at least once a month. During my time there I take the opportunity to gather a range of photographs relating to Architecture, an area I am interested in. With Architecture, it's intriguing how different factors can impact on the idea of it existing. The other day when I was having a conversation, someone mentioned how finance of a country can effect the overall surroundings of Architecture. For example, visualise one of Santiago Calatrava's work in Africa... now New York. You could agree the architecture would not adapt to the environment in Africa due to the culture.
What I am trying to build across is how others don't understand the full concept of Architecture. You see commuters in London being drowned in the hustle and bustle. They are too busy to appreciate the environment they are surrounded in.
Take your time. Never rush.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Spine sculpture

Hey everyone.
Perspectives. This final piece is all about perspectives. What do you see?
Inspired by structural and natural formations amongst skeletons and fossils. I used wire and mesh to create the intricate details and that is basically it. I am no the type of person to go 'wild' with materials. Although it is good with exploration and further development, I tend to stick with one technique but go over the top with the limited materials provided.
I am also intrigued with the shadows casted...

Drawing installation

Hey everyone.
Inspired by Liverpool Docks, this drawing installation comes from the the composition of structure and most specifically illusions. It's been a while since I last blogged, but quick update I am currently doing an Art foundation course at Winstanley College. Our first project was based upon Liverpool Docks, a place that has history and views of worn out buildings... a not so friendly place as well! 
It took approximately 24hours to compose this design, which is made up of paper, cardboard, graphite powder, paint and fishing wire.
I think I pushed the idea of Architectural concepts for this drawing installation. After all, I am a girl who has a keen spot for structure and architect. 
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