Monday, 17 September 2012

Paris day four

Hi everyone.
Day four of Paris was a calm day compared to the other days. Knowing it was the last day of Paris, it put me in a miserable mood. To start the day off, we caught the metro to The Eiffel Tower and decided to head to a local restraurant and have brunch. We sat outside the restraurant as it was a sunny day. Even though through out Paris I've been snacking on raw fish, I decided to get a raw salmon pasta dish! Till this day, my obsession for raw fish still exists!
I'm not really going to go in to detail about this day. The pictures mainly tells the story. For a couple of hours we sat in front of The Eiffel Tower, and I decided to draw a rough sketch of the Tourist attraction in my travel book. I can't describe how perfect them couple of hours where.
Shopping was the main aim for that day! The famous Champs Elysees! There was such a mixtures of middle and high class shops which was good for my bank account I guess.

Overall, Paris was such a beautiful city. Paris stole me heart! I would love to go again in the future. Maybe sometime soon? Au revoir Paris.



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