Friday, 28 September 2012

Origamic Architecture

Hey everyone,
Lately, I've been hugely inspired by Origamic Architecture. This technique perfectly links in well with my unit 3 Textiles - Stacks and Grids. Peter Dahmen creates these complex designs which are really interesting, as his designs are grande and intricate! He actually influenced me to make one myself, and it turned out really good! I'm just currently forming a cube structure which is made from acetate. I'm hoping to create some detailed designs on the cubes so it will look super interesting! Hopefully it wont go wrong as I am using the laser cutter. Maybe I can make some more Origamic Architecture next week?! Well.. that is the case if I don't have any college work to complete.. Talking about college work, my personal statement needs a magic touch as soon as possible!!
Also, today was the deadline for re-sits in January 2013 (Woah, it's weird saying '2013'). I decided, literally last minute, that I'll re-sit two exams! BUSS 2 and CORE 2 MATHS. I'm actually doing it to get A*. I think I should start revising now...


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