Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lets get prepared!

Hey everyone.
I know it's months away but I searched up my exam dates already for my January 2013 exams.
I really want to do well... Re-sitting is such a pain but I got to do what I got to do. So.. I'm starting my revision today! Hmm.. I need to make a study/revision timetable.
I joined the library in Manchester the other week, I don't know why but I was happy about that. Maybe on my half days I can travel to the City and do non-stop studying for four hours at the Library! Sadly, the library is situated at a shitty building as the Central Library is under construction and refurbishment. It's re-opened in 2014. Sadly, I'm at University in 2014 so I can't visit the Library on a day to day basis! Sigh.
These days, my life consists of.. Studying, work, gym and cups of tea to keep me alive.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Origamic Architecture

Hey everyone,
Lately, I've been hugely inspired by Origamic Architecture. This technique perfectly links in well with my unit 3 Textiles - Stacks and Grids. Peter Dahmen creates these complex designs which are really interesting, as his designs are grande and intricate! He actually influenced me to make one myself, and it turned out really good! I'm just currently forming a cube structure which is made from acetate. I'm hoping to create some detailed designs on the cubes so it will look super interesting! Hopefully it wont go wrong as I am using the laser cutter. Maybe I can make some more Origamic Architecture next week?! Well.. that is the case if I don't have any college work to complete.. Talking about college work, my personal statement needs a magic touch as soon as possible!!
Also, today was the deadline for re-sits in January 2013 (Woah, it's weird saying '2013'). I decided, literally last minute, that I'll re-sit two exams! BUSS 2 and CORE 2 MATHS. I'm actually doing it to get A*. I think I should start revising now...


Monday, 17 September 2012

Paris day four

Hi everyone.
Day four of Paris was a calm day compared to the other days. Knowing it was the last day of Paris, it put me in a miserable mood. To start the day off, we caught the metro to The Eiffel Tower and decided to head to a local restraurant and have brunch. We sat outside the restraurant as it was a sunny day. Even though through out Paris I've been snacking on raw fish, I decided to get a raw salmon pasta dish! Till this day, my obsession for raw fish still exists!
I'm not really going to go in to detail about this day. The pictures mainly tells the story. For a couple of hours we sat in front of The Eiffel Tower, and I decided to draw a rough sketch of the Tourist attraction in my travel book. I can't describe how perfect them couple of hours where.
Shopping was the main aim for that day! The famous Champs Elysees! There was such a mixtures of middle and high class shops which was good for my bank account I guess.

Overall, Paris was such a beautiful city. Paris stole me heart! I would love to go again in the future. Maybe sometime soon? Au revoir Paris.



Friday, 7 September 2012

Paris day three

I woke up on Wednesday morning with a good vibe. Well knowing that I was in Paris, it put a smile on my face. The temperature reached over 30 degrees which was  hot compared to Wigan, back home. On the third day we decided to dedicate the day to Museums. We was originally meant to be going to Jardin Des Plantes, a place where we could have a 'breather' but the thought of waking up at 8am killed us. So, Pompidou Centre and The Louvre was on the To Do list! When we fetched a taxi to Pompidou Centre we came across this street full of Jewrelly shops. When I say full I mean FULL. Literally, there was like an endless road of shops. Unfortunaetly when we went inside, they informed us that only wholesalers can purchase the products they sold so we was off limits. I pleaded to buy some bracelets I despreatly wanted but the shop owner refused which put me in a foul mood. However, on to the Pompidou Centre it was one of a kind. I loved how it was a total contrast from Paris, as the insde was very modern. Rows and rows of modern art work, it was endless. The museum on the whole was different compared to museums in the United Kingdom. I don't know how... it just felt like it. There were several art work that I loved, some interesting, some confusing! Overall it was astonishing. I loved being surrounded by a crowd of people that had a passion for art, really inspiring.
Afterwards, we took a short walk to The Louvre. Once again we was strolling the streets of Paris on an amazing day. I filmed a few clips of me walking through the streets as I loved the atmosphere.
When we arrived at The Louvre it was really surprsiing on how huge it was. You would expect it to be not that big when scanning through photos, but when seeing it right infront of you, mindblowing. Why was I so shocked? I was told that it was the biggest museum so I should have had a big expectation. To be honest, I can't even describe how it was. It was one of them places where you have to visit to experience the atmosphere. I was really impressed of the art work that was located there. Thousands of pieces of precious art work that has been stored carefully for hundreds of years... still excist. It made me want to live in the 1700's where everything was ancient and fragile. It took us around 4-5hours to walk around the museum, and one IMPORTANT thing we learnt that day, wear comfortable walking shoes when walking nonstop throughout the day. It was such an expereince Paris Day Three. Well, I can say that I can tick off a 'To Do' thing on my list for sumer 2012 ( which was visit atleast two museums!)
A day to remember!

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