Friday, 31 August 2012

Paris day two

Hey everyone.
I woke up on the second day of Paris feeling happy and gleeful as I knew I was in one of the most beautiful

cities in the world. We decided to walk to the Notre Dame Cathedral as we estimated it would only take us roughly 30mins. We was wrong, it took around an hour or so. But, it was worth it. I enjoy walking long distances in a City so I wasn't complaining. Being surrounded my buildings that tower over you is a good feeling. We strolled across this love lock bridge and it was really stunning witnessing something so lovely. It gives me a warm feeling that millions of us are in 'Love.' I think it's rare falling in love.
The Notre Dame was gigantic and wonderful! Unfortunately we didn't go inside as it was super busy and we had no time. But, I already felt like I got the full view of the cathedral as the outside architecture was brilliant.  However, I will come back one day and visit the Notre Dame fully. That is indeed a MUST.
We headed towards the Pompidou Centre afterwards (We got many great views of the Notre Dame from long distance). When I arrived there I couldn't stop thinking about how much the building relates to my Unit 3 textiles. Stacks and Grids covered the surface of the creation which astonished me. Different sections with different colours overlapping each other created this complex design. The downside to this was.. The museum was closed.
Next stop... The Opera House! I was surprisingly overly excited because I love seeing antique and fragile architecture. It's very different compared to modern architecture which we are 24/7 surrounded in nowadays. As you could see above... I have no words to describe it. When I was walking around the building with my cousin, I kept quiet most of the time as I was too busy soaking in the amazing features. The people who have performed there are really lucky. To perform in a place so beautiful...  The massive chandlers that hung from the golden and artistic ceiling was so beautiful! If only I was rich enough to purchase one of them...
Overall, this day was pretty tiring as we walked it nearly everywhere, bur it was a nice experience.

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