Thursday, 16 August 2012

Manchester City

Hi everyone.
I took a walk around Manchester city the other day and took some snaps of some astonishing buildings. I never knew Manchester holds the most breathtaking buildings. You know, it's easy to walk by and not notice the most beautiful things... even though it's right in front of your eyes.
Anyways, these pictures are for my Textiles Unit 3 (Stacks and Grids). Once again, this unit is based on Architecture. This summer I've really had my head down on Architecture as it really catches my interest. As well, I gained 112/120 UMS marks on my first unit which was based on Architecture. You see, to get the highest marks you need to have great interest.
I can't wait to go to Paris. My DSLR is going to be filled with many shots of beautiful buildings.

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