Friday, 31 August 2012

Paris day two

Hey everyone.
I woke up on the second day of Paris feeling happy and gleeful as I knew I was in one of the most beautiful

cities in the world. We decided to walk to the Notre Dame Cathedral as we estimated it would only take us roughly 30mins. We was wrong, it took around an hour or so. But, it was worth it. I enjoy walking long distances in a City so I wasn't complaining. Being surrounded my buildings that tower over you is a good feeling. We strolled across this love lock bridge and it was really stunning witnessing something so lovely. It gives me a warm feeling that millions of us are in 'Love.' I think it's rare falling in love.
The Notre Dame was gigantic and wonderful! Unfortunately we didn't go inside as it was super busy and we had no time. But, I already felt like I got the full view of the cathedral as the outside architecture was brilliant.  However, I will come back one day and visit the Notre Dame fully. That is indeed a MUST.
We headed towards the Pompidou Centre afterwards (We got many great views of the Notre Dame from long distance). When I arrived there I couldn't stop thinking about how much the building relates to my Unit 3 textiles. Stacks and Grids covered the surface of the creation which astonished me. Different sections with different colours overlapping each other created this complex design. The downside to this was.. The museum was closed.
Next stop... The Opera House! I was surprisingly overly excited because I love seeing antique and fragile architecture. It's very different compared to modern architecture which we are 24/7 surrounded in nowadays. As you could see above... I have no words to describe it. When I was walking around the building with my cousin, I kept quiet most of the time as I was too busy soaking in the amazing features. The people who have performed there are really lucky. To perform in a place so beautiful...  The massive chandlers that hung from the golden and artistic ceiling was so beautiful! If only I was rich enough to purchase one of them...
Overall, this day was pretty tiring as we walked it nearly everywhere, bur it was a nice experience.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Paris day one

Hey everyone.
I'm finally in Paris. It's currently 1am down here and I never thought the temperature would be so much different compared to Wigan. First impression wasn't very good if I have to be honest. Me and Lauren had to rush from place to place to find the transfer which was pretty hectic. We had to find a 'VEA DESK' so we asked plenty of information people. They did lead us the right way however it wasn't even a desk. It was a poster on the wall that said ' Vea Disney Land Paris.' It was very misleading. The transfer was delayed for 2hours, and it was that bad that 6 people decided to take a Taxi instead. The customer service was 0/10, very disgraceful. To put it all together, I would never ever want to experience such stress ever again.
To end this, having a walk around our hotel destination brightened our mood up. Paris at night is a very beautiful place, and I am excited to explore Paris at night in the next 3 days. The pictures above represent Place De La Bastille, it is a very stunning monument.
That's for today. Bonjour Paris!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Multi-Coloured Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet

Hi everyone.
"Here is a colourful friendship bracelet completed with a clear chain of Rhinestones. This super cute bracelet is handmade from embroidery thread. You can wear this bracelet simply on its own or be playful and layer it with other bracelets to create arm candy. Perfect for gifts... Perfect for summer."

This bracelet is finally up on sale for £9 on my online shop. The rhinestones are very good quality, like super super that is why it's up for quite a high price but still affordable. Don't you just love the colour combination? It reminds me of candy.
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Manchester City

Hi everyone.
I took a walk around Manchester city the other day and took some snaps of some astonishing buildings. I never knew Manchester holds the most breathtaking buildings. You know, it's easy to walk by and not notice the most beautiful things... even though it's right in front of your eyes.
Anyways, these pictures are for my Textiles Unit 3 (Stacks and Grids). Once again, this unit is based on Architecture. This summer I've really had my head down on Architecture as it really catches my interest. As well, I gained 112/120 UMS marks on my first unit which was based on Architecture. You see, to get the highest marks you need to have great interest.
I can't wait to go to Paris. My DSLR is going to be filled with many shots of beautiful buildings.


Hi everyone.
It's been a while since I updated this blog. Well lets do a summary for the past few weeks.
I'm heading to Paris next week! I can't wait to go. I'm stepping in the city of fashion in a few days time. Excited huh? Yes!
I received my AS results and I'm happy with the results I got. However, there was an unexpected grade that came up which made me question myself several times. Overall, I'm at a standard that I am happy with.
My online business is doing very well. I reached my profit goal a few days ago which boosted my confidence. I honestly thought that the business would 100% lead to failure but it didn't. I have had all positive feedbacks from all customers, and a few hours ago a lady emailed me about how amazing my items are. I'm going to carry on keeping my head up! I'm still deciding if I should carry on when college starts again, but there is a downfall to that. The workload that I will receive will be ridiculous. So.. indecisive for now.
I can finally tick off work experience on my To Do list. I managed to get a work place at a fashion company called 'Clamor.' It was a real eye opener seeing business on it's legs. I get so fascinated seeing how business works in the 'real' world.
Oh and favourite book update - Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. One day, I'm going to re-read the book and type out my favourite quotes.

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