Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hey everyone.
Just a quick update with my College work (Textiles). The above pictures represents what I formed for my Unit 1 which was way back in January! It was based on the Artist Naum Gabo and structures in general. Within the 20 week course, he drove me inspriation towards my final pece. He creates these gigantic 3D structures using perspex and fishing line which I find incredibly impressive. I would consider this final piece as a fresh start. It is not a 'wow' factor and certainly not up to the standards as the famous artists out there (obviously!), but it's something I gained experience from. I don't strive for success I strive for progress.
I've recently just looked at some A2 portfolios and they set a high standard for A2 level. Let's make Unit 3 a good start!

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