Friday, 1 June 2012

John Lennon.

Hey everyone.
So now, fashion has reached a new level of accessories with the 'wow factor.' Recently, the circle shaped shades (bringing the late 60's back!) inspired by John Lennon has been really trendy this year. Although last year when I started, I saw plenty of individuals rock the hippie like sunglasses. John Lennon glasses are very popular among the fashionistas and style icons for their elegant appearance. Here, the above picture demonstrated by Kendall Carmat, she puts an edge to the outfit as it is completed with the over sized glasses.

"All I see is grass, man. See what you want to see with these trippy hippie dippy weatherman hologram glasses featuring an herbal motif. "

Yes, so now we meet the Hologram glasses. Another accessory that can highlight your outfit. Although mostly worn at fancy dress parties, I've recently seen ladies/gentleman wear them out on the high street. I honestly do like how this year everyone is being influenced by 'Hippies.' I can relate, look how the colourful dip-dye shirts shot up this year.

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