Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The bold statement

1) Silk Jacket by Reiss (£225)

2) Tie Dye Backpack by Topshop (£30)

3) Asos Throw On Paisly Squares Blazer  (£50)

4) Metal and Enamel Bag by Lanvin (£2580)

Now that summer is finally appearing from the corner, the use of vibrant and bold colors would be flashing from all directions. Today whilst I was on my way to Glasgow, I was flicking through my daily ELLE magazine and a few fashion garments caught my eye.

1) Above, the first two pictures represents this beautiful silk jacket by Reiss (£225). It is such a bold fashion statement. Combining the use of the delicate material silk and the striking zebra skin pattern just creates a great vibe overall. I love the color. It just amazes me how much it reminds me of sea creatures (the blues) yet land mammals (the pattern). If only I had the money to purchase this treasure.

2) When I was in my younger years I was hardly a fan of tie dye as I thought it looked a bit tacky. But now I've gained insight on why I grew into them. This is what you call a bold statement. The use of mixing bright colors together to create this clash is fascinating. If I saw an individual walking down the high street rocking this I would literally want them to be my best friend.

3) Two words... Pastel colors. I just love the two patterns overlapping each other. Patchwork and Paisley print design. This would be absolutely perfect for summer.

4) Clean satin cuts finished with a complex structure/design of the strongest and most powerful animal in the bird kingdom... The Eagle. It makes the most simplest design looks so bold. Unbelievably pricey but with this quality... it's worth it.
"The secret to wearing white is to keep it simple."


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