Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hey everyone.
These photos were taken a while ago (February). I gained inspiration from, as there are so many individuals with unique thoughts! Without a doubt do I love my super cute Pork pie Hat which is from Topshop. I wore it at Birmingham fashion show and I received many compliments about it.
I've recently grown this love for pleats. When I see or hear about pleats, the automatic thought of 'high school years' slams right in my brain. For quite a while now, I've seen ladies struct their fashion feature of leather pleated skirts down the high streets. I adore them as it gives a really bold look. There has been areas were pleats has been made on scarf printed material. And that's another item I need to purchase.
Vivian ∞

The start.

Hey everyone. So this is it. This is the start.
I've recently had this transition of becoming something more than my old self. I'm just currently sat on my bed with a cup of green tea in my hands, having all these thoughts (literally dreams) flashing through my mind.  It's not just now... but for a good few months now. As I've finished my first year of College I have a lot of free time on my hands. Enough time to start something productive like this. So as of now, I'm taking things more seriously. I don't like wasting my free time, I like to keep my life busy and productive. So here goes.
Welcome to my blog.
Vivian ∞
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