Saturday, 16 January 2016

Pastel Shades

Hello readers.

Recently, I have been drowning myself with black indulgence. But did you know I have a soft spot for pastel colours too? The temperatures have dropped throughout the UK, so I bought this super chunky knit jumper from Next to brighten up my wardrobe. Of course, it's double the size of me since  oversized jumpers are x10 comfortable. I enhanced the blue vibes by pairing my pastel knit with my denim boyfriend jeans from GAP. I toned down the colours by throwing on my thick, black duster jacket with my pointed black booties.

I'm in in love with these boots from Zara. From November onwards, I got frustrated not being able to find the perfect sophisticated booties. When I came across these, I had to grab them!

Coat (Topshop), Pastel Jumper (Next), Jeans (GAP), Boots (Zara), Bag (Topshop)



Thursday, 14 January 2016

Black flow in Regent Street

Hello readers!

As my University is situated in the heart of London, I have always wondered why I haven't taken the chance to snap a classic photo in the middle of Regent Street/Oxford Street! I spend 1/2 of my week around this area, I can actually call it my second home... 

I teamed up my blacked out outfit with a striped polo neck, embellished with quirky patchwork. I have never been much of a fan of polo necks, but recently the temperatures have been dropping and the bells are ringing for layers, warmth and coffee. On cold short days in January, the objective of rushing home and getting into bed has never been such a great motive! Over two weeks of 2016 has passed already, before you know it Spring would be here! 

Polo Neck (Zara), Pleated Pants (Topshop), Coat (Topshop), Bag (Topshop), Boots (Zara)



Sunday, 10 January 2016

Blacked Out

Hello again.

Note: Please welcome my first outfit post of 2016.

Black never fails! If in doubt choose black! Black on black on black on black!! 

Yes you get the gist... My all black obsession has grown back. When I was in college I went through a phase were I wore black at all times, and I was known as the Chinese girl who wore black and drank green tea... That girl is back! 

You've probably seen these pleated trousers everywhere, and let me tell you they are worth raving about!! I've been living in them since the start of 2016, they are comfortable with an elastic waste and I adore the way is flows with the wind. 

Lace top (H&M), Pleated Trousers (Topshop), Coat (Calvin Klein), Bag (Topshop), Rings (H&M), CDG Converse (DSM)



Friday, 8 January 2016

Lets make a great start to 2016

Hello readers.

Yes yes... you could say this post is a bit over due considering it's now the 8th of January. I was busy throughout November and December since I was undertaking an AH-mazing internship - I was put in place as a social media and PR intern and I learnt a lot of new things thanks to my incredible manager. You know what guys, I spoke to a lot of people about unpaid internships and a few had negative attitudes towards this circumstance since they deemed it is as exploitive. BUT, sometimes whenever there is a great opportunity you need to grasp it and run for it, because that opportunity may never loop back round to you. 

So, 2016 is here. Just yesterday a friend of mine gave me the chance to try Tarot reading and I received mixed results! Apparently 2016 is going to be an awful year for me but my future is going to be bright in 10 years time. I was a bit skeptical of course... If the readings are true I am scared of 2016 as I have a lot of important plans ahead of me... Who knows ey?!

Despite the readings, I hope this year will be a blessed one. I am SO eager to work hard and get a one year placement, that's probably my main goal for this year. Right now, I'm still fighting the January Blues... as sad as that sounds. University is about to start and that is my main motive for this month. 

As the image states... LETS BEGIN. It's time to peddle as fast as you cannn!! Be successful!! Most importantly aim for progress. Whenever an interviewee asks me... 

What is your main goal in life?

I say progress because that is probably the most satisfying word in the english dictionary on the basis of career building. Progress is what makes you a step closer to your dreams, and if you don't have a set dream then whatever progress you make it will take you there. Don't worry.

Readers, you're probably sat behind your screen thinking... 

What is she on about?
This is rubbish
I just wasted my time

But you know what... you haven't closed this tab yet so I did a good job at keeping your attention. Another objective for 2016!

Have a brilliant year, and as the greatest influencer of 2015 says... Stay Focused! The Key is to Make it! You Smart!!!!! 

Thanks for reading.


Sunday, 29 November 2015

Vivian, is that a Christmas jumper?


With my short, meaty legs I've always had trouble finding the perfect over the knee high boots. This gene runs through my family, and I call it the mighty Chun Li legs!

This is indeed my first pair of over the knee high boots, stylish yet affordable. I purchased these goodies at Zara and they have been my latest obsession. I am able to keep my legs warm when wearing skirts (BONUS) and they make me appear taller which is of course (fist pump) a bonus too.

With this outfit I am wearing -

Jumper (Zara), Skirt (Forever21), Bag (Car boot sale)

I was indecisive whether to clash patterns but I took the risk. I legitimately felt I was living the swinging 60's with my mini skirt, but the chunky oversized knitted jumper toned down the outfit. 

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